Going Green

Dear guests, for years we used to run generators to supply our electricity, since the utility company is not reliable (not to mention the highest KWH price in the world).    Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that our planet is experiencing a serious change and we must do something about it if we want to make the world a better place to live.

We, at Villas Jazmin, met with specialists and figured out our carbon footprint.  We were astonished to find out the result.  We were producing 237 TONS of carbon, burning fuel to produce our electricity.  Which is totally unacceptable because there’s a planet to save from global warming after all!

Since a few years we have been driving our operation toward environmental protection and trying to dramatically diminish our footprint on the planet.

We are proud to announce that we are now 100% solar energy self-sufficient.  The following is important information on how energy can be use at Villas Jazmin.  The solar panels are charging a bank of 56 enormous batteries and further that energy is converted by 4 inverters which feed our electrical system.  In order to avoid excess use of energy, we have learned how to control the use of some electrical appliance.  We have replaced all air conditioning units by some that are less energy consuming. We are at our final stage of reducing our energy needs by replacing all bulb lights by LED lights.

Hot Water gas tank heats on demand (you should feel the warm water within a minute.  The system will shut down after 2 minutes of usage.  Turning off the water while you soap and then turning on the hot water again will reset the system back in function.

Take note that In order to have your air conditioning working, you MUST lock your entrance door.

Re-using your towels for an extra day will save 458 gallons of water on a daily basis, not counting the saving of wasted chemical products in our environment.

Here are some facts about the hospitality industry in the world.

The hospitality industry spends $5 billion dollars every year on energy and consumes almost four billion kWhs of electricity, five million therms of natural gas and seven billion gallons of water.

It’s hard to imagine the number of towels and sheets which have been used only once and that have to be washed every day in all the hotels in the world, whereas when guests are at home, few wash their towels after one use or change their sheets every day. A simple recycled linen card inviting guests to make a greener choice by reusing towels and sheets can save gallons of water, detergents and cleansers.


 Here is an interesting exercise you can make to find out your own carbon footprint back home

  • Calculate your carbon emissions for electricity use by examining your electric bill and locating the column that says "kilowatt hours" or "kwh." This can be a monthly reading or the total electricity used since the beginning of the year. Multiply the monthly electric usage (in kwh) by 16.44 pounds of carbon.
  • Calculate your natural-gas carbon emissions by multiplying your total monthly gas usage in cubic feet by 0.12 pounds of carbon.
  • Calculate your carbon emissions from driving your vehicle. Estimate the total number of miles you drive per month and then divide this number by the total miles per gallon your car gets. This number will be the total gallons of gas you use in a month. Multiply that number by 19.4 pounds of carbon to get your total carbon emissions from driving.
  • Add the numbers generated in steps 1 through 3 and then add an additional 10 percent of the total as a buffer. This should be close to your overall carbon emissions for one month.
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