Airport Pickup Information

Do you offer airport pick-up?

Yes, in order for us to arrange your airport pick-up, we need the following information: airline & flight number, arrival date & time and number of persons traveling with you. Then, we send a pre-paid taxi driver that will wait for you outside the airport customs with a sign of Club Villas Jazmin. The cost for the transfer;

* US$45.00 (Puerto Plata Airport)

* US$100.00 (Santiago)

* US$200.00 (Santo Domingo Las Americas)

* US$400.00 (Punta Cana Airport)

Do I have to pay it in advance?

No, the fare will be add to your check-in sheet and payable upon arrival at the reception at your check-in time.

Car Rental

Can I rent a car in Dominican Republic?

Although several car rental services are located at the airport, and available from the resort as well, we strongly advise against renting a vehicle in this country. Here down below is an article from a local news paper:

"The D.R. remains one of the few countries in this hemisphere that detains foreign drivers, in case of a car accident, in which injuries are claimed. The driving is aggressive and erratic, the roads in poor conditions and often unmarked."

Scary statistics from the highways

Fully 70% of the injuries reported in the Dominican Republic are the result of some sort of traffic accident, most of which are caused by alcohol consumption, careless driving and violations of Traffic Law 241. Traffic fatalities are the leading cause of death in people between the ages of one to 44 years. Nationwide, they are the third cause of death. Speaking at the First Medical International Congress on Clinical-Surgical Emergencies, held at the Herrera Hospital, Dr. Ivan Strachan said that 50% of the victims die at the scene of the accident or during the first few moments of transfer to a medical facility. Generally speaking they die of massive hemorrhaging or neurological injuries. Out of the remaining 50%, 30% die within 48 hours from brain injuries and the final 20% die days or weeks later from infections or multiple organ failure. Regarding the safety laws as described in Law 241, Dr. Strachan said that 25% of accident victims suffer from chest injuries because they do not use their seat belts.

Credit Card transaction

Can I pay and use my credit card on site?

Yes, most merchants, hotels and restaurants accept credit card. Be informed that EVERY credit card transaction are charged by law of a 18% sales tax. however, we recommend you to travel with either more cash or traveler`s checks to take advantage of discounts offered by many merchants when you pay cash. Make sure you inform your credit card issuer that you are traveling in the Dominican Republic to avoid declined transactions.

Extra Nights

My flight does not arrive the same day of my confirmation of reservation is it a problem?

Take note that RCI confirmation of reservation dates MUST be respect. The change of the vacation dates will result in charge of extra nights. Cost for an extra night depend of the unit type you have confirmed with RCI. If it is a 1 bedroom, the cost is US$80.00 to US$125.00 per night and if you have a 2 bedroom, charge will be between US$125.00 to US$160.00 per night.


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