Welcome to Villas Jazmin 31st ANNIVERSARY

Located five miles from the community of Puerto Plata in a small, quiet neighborhood. Local charm, a warm, friendly atmosphere, and on-site daily activities make this vacation property an unforgettable place to visit. The compound offers 20 units, and the beach is a short, three-minute walk away. Several excursions are available from the resort as well. Our meal plan is OPTIONAL, please read information on our restaurant page.


Please take note that we are a small vacation property family atmosphere with not much to offer then personal attention, a small pool and restaurant facility. By experience over the past 32 years, we noticed that people from Latin American countries experience a very deceptive vacation since their expectation were a vacation of another style and in bigger resorts. We consider that your vacation is extremely important and we suggest that you search for a different style of property for your annual vacation.


Dear guests, for years we used to run generators to supply our electricity, since the utility company is not reliable (not to mention the highest KWH price in the world). Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that our planet is experiencing a serious change and we must do something about it if we want to make the world a better place to live.

We, at Villas Jazmin, met with specialists and figured out our carbon footprint. We were astonished to find out the result. We were producing 237 TONS of carbon, burning fuel to produce our electricity. Which is totally unacceptable because there’s a planet to save from global warming after all?

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